Acne Prevention Cleanser 250ml


Wash acne-prone areas at least twice daily with Formulage’s Acne Prevention Cleanser. Follow cleansing with an application of Formulage’s Acne Prevention Day Cream SPF 30, Red Complexion Acne Prevention Day Cream SPF 30 or Natural Acne Prevention Night Cream. Each product contains different active ingredients, resulting in enhanced acne prevention when the products are used in conjunction with each other.

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Acne vulgaris is caused by several factors and needs to be treated at a number of levels. Formulage’s Acne Prevention Cleanser contains mild, amphoteric surfactants which remove dirt and accumulated sebum without drying the skin unnecessarily. It also contains an anti-inflammatory agent which reduces subclinical inflammation and acts as a mild chemical exfoliant. The inclusion of a combination of emollients, together with a natural soothing remedy, ensures that the skin is left soft and hydrated following cleansing.


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